For over 30 years, MICON has led the mining industry in providing specialty ground control and contracting services, pioneering and refining industry-changing products and processes.


Micon continually innovates and defines the next generation of technologies to increase production and safety. By offering only the products and services we do best, Micon is the industry's best in everything we do.

  • Ventilation Seals
  • Permanent Refuge Alternatives
  • Roof Control Experts
  • Polyurethane Injection
  • Water Control and Stream Grouting
  • Ring Grouting
  • Stopping and Bulkhead Construction
  • Pumpable Cribs
  • Void Fill Systems
  • Pneumatic Stowing
  • Micon original armored stackable cribbing and prop system
  • Underground and enclosed space fire fighting
  • Industrial emergency response

Our expert contracting team takes pride in providing outstanding service, custom solutions, and value. Since 1981, mining turns to MICON for unmatched experience and expertise.

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